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Most folks assume that bullying is just one more normal portion of a child’s life and that kids should be more powerful or worse still, many do not take it badly. However, there is grave risk in having this kind of callous attitude towards bullying. This is as it can lead to grim and severe consequences for the sufferer in addition to the bully. Therefore, one should take bullying more seriously and understand that bullying is unacceptable and should never be tolerated.

The various types include imitative, narcissistic/sadistic, spontaneous, verbal, physical, poor, gang, pair, stress, staying, law, customer, corporate, and institutional bullying. There are various factors which could activate a bully’s actions. These may be jealousy, feeling of invisibility at home, jealousy, physical and verbal abuse, or having emotionally distant parents, etc..


One doesn’t need to be a professionally trained to assist teenage bullying, Folks just have to listen voluntarily and ask the ‘right’ questions to help teenagers who are having suicidal thoughts, ” If one comes across teenagers that are suicidal, then he/she has to be happy to ask the appropriate question if they are having suicidal thoughts. For more information on color life please visit www.toughlives.com/

Without these potential suicide resources, the individual will have less chance of killing themselves. It’s been analzsed that guns are the most deadly and highest type of suicide resources amongst teens and young adults and therefore, an individual ought to take extreme care to make it harder for them to access firearms.

Due to bullying, pupils might even start to feel insecure and avoid attending school in extreme cases. Supporters of bullying feel unsafe at school, and they feel like nobody could stop the emptiness. Also, victims of bullying in school frequently prefer to not attend college since they believe that the bullying would last there. Even worse, they might experience bullying in future also in the work area.

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